Month: April 2012

Glimpses of the eternal

Yoga is an experiential science. There are plenty of books about yogic techniques, but it can only be learned and internalized by practice. Whenever I give a class, I try to reach that moment of expansive stillness that offers us a glimpse of the eternal.  I usually do a savasana mid-class, then sing or chant Read More

Beginnner's yoga class – Yoga para principiantes

This Wednesday, we are starting a new beginner’s hathayoga class at Prana in Benidorm. We will meet once per week, from 09:00-09:45. The class is full already, but keep it in mind for mid-May if you feel like dipping a toe in the water… Empezamos una nueva clase de hathayoga a partir de éste miércoles. Read More

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

Sorry to abuse my yoga page with thoughts about massage. For me, the two go hand in hand. I have been working lately with magnesium therapy and hot stone massage. I have used Bishofit for the past two years, and stones for the past 8 months. And lately, I have begun using them together. My Read More

The Human Revolution

The question has been there forever.  What can I do to make the world a better place?  The answer is simple:  Human Revolution. I first heard this term used as the title of a book by Daisaku Ikeda of the Soka Gokkai International.  This international Buddhist organization, with origins in Japan, use rapid mantra chant Read More

The tree of enlightenment

Yoga is the seed,  the mind is the fertile ground and detachment is the water that quenches thirst.  Like this, we grow the mystic tree of enlightenment. Read More