Month: May 2012

Escape from Samsara

The name of a legendary late 90´s techno-trance night in London.  Also, a very worthy endeavour.  Samsara is the name given to the soul’s endless cycles of birth, life and death.  To escape samsara is to attain enlightenment and cease to be reborn, cease suffering. At this time of great uncertainty in Europe, many of Read More


Masterpeace looks like an interesting project. There is a nice mini-documentary called “Music above Fighting”, which has just been published.  Maybe you would like to get involved?  I would like to offer concerts for peace, consisting of kirtan and gentle music.  Anyone interested?  Drop me a comment.  AUM Read More

Open Day at Prana, Benidorm

Please have a look at the schedule of yoga classes we will be offering, free of charge, on Saturday 19 May, 2012, at Prana Centro de Yoga in Benidorm. Read More