Month: September 2012

Yoga classes for Autumn 2012

Hello all!  Once again we convene for group classes in Prana, Benidorm.  This year I shall offer classes on Monday mornings:  from 9-10 for the ladies from the Anemona Association and from 10-11 for level I-II students.

The Art of Massage

The Art of Massage The art of a healing massage is finding the precise point between pleasure and pain, then working there as continuously as possible throughout the session. Too light pressure can be comforting, but for most it feels like a waste of time (and money). Too much pressure will only cause the musculature […]

Cellulite – a few tips

OK dear friends, I have been refining my lifestyle tips for the combat of the dreaded peau d’orange.  Here is what is working for me: 1.  The ZenChi machine, now known as the ReViber  Bodywave.  This little baby is a gem for microcirculation, joint mobilisation and general détante.  I use mine everyday. 2.  Maté.  Yerba […]