Month: December 2012

Reflections on friendship

A friend posted this on Facebook. I was going to share, and comment, but the space there seemed short, for what I wanted to say. Where to start?  At first, I thought, yeah! a true friend who is there no matter what, non judging always loving blah blah blah.  And then I thought, who’s that Read More

Change of address – Altea

Dear friends, I have moved my treatment and yoga room! I am still in Altea, but now on the other side of the railway tracks, going towards the Old Town. The map is here on my website. Read More

Letting go…

As autumn draws inexorably towards the Long Cold, we, too, draw inwards. Observing the inevitability of change, and loss and dying off, melancholy tugs at our hearts. Autumn is the season of the Lung, whose emotion is grief and sadness and whose element is metal. In Hindu thought, Shiva rules the moribund phase of things…that Read More