Month: March 2013

Well woman massage

I have spent the past 11 years of my life as a professional massage therapist, and 8 of those dedicating myself to the gentle art of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).  MLD is a very gentle and highly specific massage technique that is used in cancer rehabilitation.  Many who opt for allopathic cancer treatments such as […]

Oranges – to juice or not to juice

Oranges have always posed a juicing problem for me.  I don’t find that they mix very well with greens – not as well as apple or pear, that’s for sure.  I find even the sweetest oranges probably prefer to be on their own, or mixed with carrot, lemon or another sweet fruit like mango or […]

The Girl with the Ganesh Tattoo. {Nudity} | Rebelle Society

The Girl with the Ganesh Tattoo. {Nudity} | Rebelle Society. This album definitely buys into the modern-beautiful-fit-seductive yogini meme that people like It’s All Yoga, Baby so knowingly dissect.  But, it’s beautful nonetheless.  I doubt that any of you would reject a body like this if you were offered it – to live in, that […]

Se llama voluntad, cariño

El otro día, tuve un discurso interesante con una clienta mía. Es ua persona que conlleva tantos enfermedades crónicas que casi ya no se distingue la persona de su traje de síntomas. La hablaba del hecho que las síntomas son nada más ni menos que los mensajes del cuerpo.  Sus dolores y debilidades son gritos […]

The Healing Crisis.

A fundamental tenet of Naturopathic Cure is the healing crisis. The philosophy of naturopathy asserts that all symptoms of dis-ease are the body’s sincere efforts to rid itself of substances that offend it.  These substances may be foreign (dust, chemicals residues, micro-organisms) or come from the body itself, thus endogenous (organic acids, hormone residue).  When […]

Yoga and the Fire

One of books I constantly refer to is “Yoga and the Sacred Fire” by Pandit Dr. David Frawley.  Frawley is an American Vedic scholar and a very worthy writer.  I bought the book in India – Pondicherry or Mysore, perhaps? – and posted it home.  It is a crappy Indian binding, but the information contained […]

Musings on Meditation

In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the path of yoga is very clearly laid out.  Book 1 talks about the kind of person who undertakes to stay on the path, and the pitfalls that may arise whilst there.  Book 2 talks about the practical part of yoga.  It is here that you will find the first mention […]

Yoga Master Class – Eka Pada Rajakapotâsana

I will be offering a 2-hour hatha yoga masterclass on Sunday 24 March, 2013 from 10AM-12PM, in Altea, Alicante, Spain.  We will develop the posture Eka Pada Rajakapotâsana .  Participants must have at least one year of recent, regular yoga practice. The cost is €12 and includes a nice cup of tea and a piece […]

Apanasana: A powerfully simple pose

Apanasana is a basic yoga pose that is very easy to learn and grants rapid, noticeable benefits. Use a yoga mat or folded boiled-wool blanket to cushion your back.  Lying on the back on the floor, legs are bent, feet flat on the floor, parallel and hip-width apart, heels near the buttocks.  Extend the neck […]