Month: March 2013

thoughts and musings

The Girl with the Ganesh Tattoo. {Nudity} | Rebelle Society

The Girl with the Ganesh Tattoo. {Nudity} | Rebelle Society. This album definitely buys into the modern-beautiful-fit-seductive yogini meme that people like It’s All Yoga, Baby so knowingly dissect.  But, it’s beautful nonetheless.  I doubt that any of you would reject a body like this if you were offered it – to live in, that […]

thoughts and musings

The Healing Crisis.

A fundamental tenet of Naturopathic Cure is the healing crisis. The philosophy of naturopathy asserts that all symptoms of dis-ease are the body’s sincere efforts to rid itself of substances that offend it.  These substances may be foreign (dust, chemicals residues, micro-organisms) or come from the body itself, thus endogenous (organic acids, hormone residue).  When […]