Month: April 2013

Let us yog!

I found this lovely quote whilst surfing the yoga blogosphere: Within me is my true self, and my true self is both good and beautiful, and therefore, I am both good and beautiful. My life can touch others in a positive way and this gives me the power to change the world. I can change […]

Musings: who's your intermediary?

I have reason to contemplate the why’s and wherefore’s of my profession.  Why did I choose to teach yoga?  What do I hope to achieve? I began my healing journey long. long ago with a single thought:  I am not happy where I am. How can I change?  At the time I was 18, just […]

Musings: The unsung note

I had the great pleasure of returning to the stage this Thursday past.  Yes, dear yogis, in my spare time I am a singer-songwriter. I began this odyssey years ago. In fact, I could say that I have always been a musician.  As  child I played the oboe, and the recorder.  I used to sit […]

Musings: authenticity

In an earlier post, I referred to the yogic process of character building using the yamas and niyamas. I find myself thinking again and again about this matter. If you want to be authentic, lead an authentic life. When no one else is looking is the time to do right I want to be more […]

EcoAltea Activa – Abril/April 2013

Ya está en el calendario.  Allí no puedo colgar el poster.  Asi que, aqui lo teneis. It’s in the calendar, but I can’t add attachments there.  So, here’s the poster with all the pertinent info.