Month: July 2013

Why heal?

It can seem to be a bit navel-gazing, all this personal healing that we do.  Your journey within is completely unique, mysterious and exciting.  One can easily get distracted by the phenomena and surprises along the way. We had the opportunity to examine this question in great depth, this past week.  Some 27 students and Read More

Paleo diet: Critique in Scientific American Read More

RR Protocol #3: Loving your legs

My grandmother was blessed with many fine qualities, but her legs could not conceivably be included amongst them.  By the time I knew her, trunk-like and swollen are the only words one could charitably use to describe them.  Perhaps my interest in MLD took hold then? As the years creep on, I find my legs Read More

La gran rueda sigue girando

Esta noche, mis pensamientos están con mis compañeras de Anémona.  Hoy falleció una de ellas  tras una larga lucha contra el cáncer.  Tenía 42 años y llevaba unos 10 viviendo la precariedad que es la remisión. Solo quiero decir que añado mis lágrimas con las vuestras, hermanas.  El hecho que el sufrimiento se acabó (por Read More

Article in the Independent – The Busy Man's Guide to Broga

In the ever evolving world of occidental yoga, “broga” is making a thrust for the hairier sex with a longing to loosen up.  Yes, those guys who call each other “bro“, probably knocking fists as they do so, are starting to understand why one can’t transition from a youth filled with high-intensity competitive sports like Read More

Summer yum yum

mmmm…cherry, watermelon and melon slush.   Read More

Love you, boobies

I have been practising Manual Lymphatic Drainage since 2003.  This technique, for those who may not know, is widely applied in breast cancer rehabilitation.  following surgery and radiation, many women develop either/and:  swelling in the affected area (lymphoedema), fibrosis, adhesions and excessive scar tissue formation, muscle atrophy and loss of sensation.  The Complete Decongestion Therapy Read More

Why me? Why not?

When cancer strikes – or strikes again – a most frequent question is “why me?”.  Almost universally, we believe that we live our lives well enough to stave off the tumours and lesions and lumps.  Perhaps a death-wish 60-a-day smoker might be secretly pleased when the CAT scans show a mass, but most of us Read More