Year: 2014

In Praise of The Underworld

They spray the trees in our finca, too. The pesticide mix is called “aceite de verano”.

La ciencia del yoga

Muy interesante artículo…

Into joint – healing the shoulders

The shoulder joint is the joint in the human body with the greatest range of motion. To keep the shoulder joint stable, we have the wonderful rotator cuff, a group of small muscles below the armpit and shoulderblade.  Sadly, these little muscles are ofter under-developed, leaving the shoulder unsupported and prone to pain and dislocation. […]

Fundación Dharma

He tenido el gran placer de conocer a Luis, el director de la ONG Fundación Dharma y Dharma Travel, ayer en el Festival de Yoga 21J.  Me parece que hacen unos trabajos muy dignos y importantes en la India, en Vrindavan, el pueblo nativo del Señor Krishna.  Organizan viajes a la India, y dan de […]

Actualizaciones calendario – calendar updates

There are a couple of yoga events in June that might be of interest to you: Hay un par de eventos yoga durante el mes de junio que podrían estar de interés: Check the calendar, please.

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Worrier to warrior

Most of us spend a lot of time worrying.  Worry is perhaps the most futile mental activity imaginable.  Worrying, sometimes called excessive rumination, is when we sit there turning the same thoughts over in our heads, envisioning all possible outcomes, all possible reasons, abstracting and having imaginary conversations and doing absolutely nothing – NOTHING – […]

Yoga classes for breast cancer patients and survivors

Hello warrior women…would you like to practice yoga?  Tuesdays 16:00 – 17:15 in Altea (Garganes/Post Office).