Month: March 2015

Breathing and Yoga

Ujjayi…ummm. A slight incline of the head, chin to hyoid bone, vibrate the vocal cords just enough to make a wheeze. Breathe long and deep. Relaaax.

Don't worry, be happy.

Yoga teaches me that, sometimes, it really is that simple. I don’t always believe yoga when it tells me this, but experience tells me it is usually right. Don’t worry, be happy.

Yoga teaches to listen to my body

Yoga teaches me that the body has needs, wants and desires.  These are communicated to the mind through pain, pleasure and longing. Yoga teaches me that male and female – and everything in between – practitioners can come to respect the needs and signals of their bodies, overcoming the dominance of the mind. Yoga teaches […]

Bonds, not things.

Yoga teaches me that the process of purification – tapas – is necessary and useful.  Yoga teaches me that the time for tapas arrives just when it should. Yoga teaches me to recognise the disordered perceptions handed down by our families and to modify them as needed.  My parents were both hoarders.  Not hard to […]

We need love, not splits

Yoga teaches me that what this world needs is more love, not more flexible bodies. Yoga teaches me that postures linked to breath are part of a path, but the path leads to compassion and comprehension, not contortion or competition. Yoga teaches me that when we undo the knots and become soft, we can learn […]

Yoga teaches me that arm balances improve shoulder alignment

Thoracic outlet syndrome.  TMJ.  Frozen shoulder.  Tingling fingers.  All these conditions, and many more, have to do with the shoulder joint.  Yoga teaches me that using arm balances helps bring the shoulder joint into alignment. There is a group of muscles known as the rotator cuff.  Put simply, these muscles stabilise the shoulder.  They are […]

Yoga teaches me.

I don’t teach yoga.  Yoga teaches me. For the past few months, I have maintained mostly silence.  All the amazing and transformative experiences brought to me by constant practice, I have kept to myself.   I lost the impulse to share, to blog or post about my feelings or openings or closings or understandings.  It…just […]