Month: May 2015

Let your yoga sing

Why practise? It is well and good to analyse the physiological and anatomical reasons for practising hatha yoga.  It is well and good to tell you why you ought to practise and what you ought to do. Yet, there is another way to saying the same thing and it is much simpler.   Dear reader, happened Read More

Yoga and BC in the news

Just a quick post today, I’m afraid. A couple of events in the past few days: Ontario, Canada: Philadelphia, USA: Peace and love. Read More

Yoga and the Endocrine System – Peace in the poses

The practice of Hatha Yoga uses postures, breath and mental focus to bring about peace.  By peace, we refer to the physical peace derived from flexible muscle and joints, free of pain, good quality sleep, proper oxygenation brought about by correct breathing and mental restfulness, a state of alert calm, wakeful quiet. There are scientific Read More

A few links about yoga and breast cancer

I am out of town, so will just offer a brief Sunday update of a few links: Happy reading! Read More