Month: October 2016

Recipe time: QuInOa sAlAd

Quinoa Salad I often advise people to eat more salad.  I don’t mean iceberg lettuce and tinned corn, though!  Ideally, you should have a big salad every day, at lunchtime.  It can even be your main meal, in the summer time.  Obviously, if you have candida and need to avoid lettuce, or if you have […]

How to choose a yoga teacher

As a yoga teacher, this is a healthy and humble article to post.  I have had a long journey with yoga, and have been gifted with humility as a result.  Believe me, I did not arrive at adulthood knowing how to love, nor how to transmit compassion, nor how to respect other people’s limitations, beliefs […]

102-year old lady who does yoga and looks amazingly happy! Need another reason to practice yoga?

Best Diet To Prevent Cancer? Paleo? Ketogenic? Vegan? — Breast Cancer Authority

What is the best diet for preventing cancer? Does the paleo diet stop cancer? What about the ketogenic diet and cancer? Can a wholefood plant based diet prevent cancer? Can we be healthy if we don’t eat meat? Do we need meat to be healthy and cancer free? What about free range, organic, grass fed […] […]

La neurobiología del yoga

Yoga in prisons    

How to be a good yoga student

There is a lot of talk out there these days about how to  be a good yoga teacher.  I think that the best way to be a good yoga teacher is to be a good yoga student.  Here are my tips for how I try to be a good student of yoga.  I use my […]