Yoga classes from October, 2018

As many of you know, I began giving yoga classes at Alteasalut in mid-March of this year.  I was, and am, covering Ivonne Pannier‘s maternity leave.  Ivonne is now back in action and excited to start teaching yoga again (who wouldn’t be?)

From 1 October, 2018, Ivonne will give class on Tuesdays, both at 9:30 AM and 20:00.  I, Rachel, will continue to give the Wednesday evening class (20:00) and the Friday morning class (9:30).

There may be some weeks in which we will swap classes, and I will try to announce any changes beforehand.  In any case, I see this as a great opportunity for all.  For students, it is the chance to work with two different teachers, trained in two different lineages.  For Ivonne and I, it is the chance to support each other in what can sometimes feel like a rather solitary venture.  So, let’s celebrate.  As yet, we are not clear about how the voucher cards will work, but worry not, we will get it all sorted out.

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