Return to the Source

Excited doesn’t even begin to describe what I am feeling as we get nearer to Return to the Source, next Saturday 15th December in Altea.  

Yoga talks about union, about weaving threads together to create a fabric. In the context of a life, we achieve our life’s purpose, our Sva Dharma, or True Path.


Music and yoga were for many years parallel  but separate strings in my life.  Each moved forward, but separately.  Slowly, I nudged the lines closer, then finally made them intersect and weave together.  Return to the Source is the result.  

Magma Lows has been chasing the musical muse for most of his life.  Having studied modern music, latin percussion, harmony and studio production, he has taken the brave step of living from his art.  This passion and commitment pours into his music.  For Return to the Source, he has created an original 45-minute soundtrack.  Each part is meticulously played, produced, mixed and mastered using Ableton Live DAW.  

Both of us love music, and are deeply spiritual people. Uniting yoga, music and dance is a dream come true for both of us:    It is our greatest wish to share this passion and enthusiasm and excitement with you! 

Places are limited to 20.  I have had a lot of interest, but I really encourage you to get your mitts on tickets before week’s end.  This is going to be a blast – we’ll get you smiling and keep you there well into next week!  Hare Hare OM!

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