Return to the Source…we got back!

What a wonderful feeling it is, when you pull something off. What a thrill to conceive of an idea, then find the way to manifest it.  What consummate exhaustion follows.

Yeah, I should probably play safe and just write this tomorrow.  But, by writing it now, I am probably going to throw some curves into the proceedings and play it a bit more fast and loose.

Why does this matter?  Well, to my mind, it is rather reckless to have undertaken a project such as this, and on such short notice.  Kudos and more to Magma Lows for his amazing dedication, perseverance and artistry.  Kudos to me for shuffling the deck of cards, ruffling a few crests and getting the show on the road.  We think that we make a killer team.  We hope you do too.

So, ten people came out tonight.  What with the sound system and instruments, we were comfortably tight.  Sorry, Akos, that you had to skirt around that column all evening.  I am glad that you enjoyed cutting up the dance floor, once the class was over.

It was really cool because not everyone who came was a student of mine, and, in fact, I met a few people for the first time!  It is a real compliment that Amanda came all the way from Jávea, and that Shaila and Vanessa trooped in from Benidorm.  And let’s not forget the aforementioned Akos, who traipsed all the way from Alicante with Núria and Maria.  Olé and thank you very much!

It was great to have Maria Q, Helmuth and Anny in the group.  As regulars in my classes, they know many of the basic vinyasas I use as counter-poses (pratikryâsana) and transitions.  Thanks, my loves!

Anahi, mucho gusto conocerte!  And Antonio and Daniele, gracias for opening up, Qiyoga, your lovely yoga centre to us.  

We Returned to the Source!

So now, I really need to get to bed.  All the creating has got me beat!  I am sure I will wake up with my head buzzing with ideas in the morning, but for now, bed beckons.

Goodnight you dreamers of dreams, you seekers of light, you children of the Universe.  All good things are coming to those who follow the trail of breadcrumbs.  The information that we think lost, about who we really are and what is our true purpose in life, is there for us to re-learn.  When we return to the source of our ancestral knowledge, we plug the holes in our understanding.

Tat Tvam Asi.  Thou Art That, That Art Thee.  

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