Yoga Schedule 2019-2020

Delighted doesn’t start to describe how I feel about getting back to teaching group classes at Altea Salut!

The schedule will be:

Tuesday evenings 20:00 – 21:15 & Friday mornings 09:30-10:45

I haven’t been resting on my laurels this summer, not at all. I have been working in the Mind&Body Department at SHA Wellness Clinic with our wonderful guests from all over the world, giving private classes of yoga, meditation, pranayama and mindfulness. And of course, I have kept up my personal practice. Have you?

The classes will no longer be run on a drop-in basis. Why? Two reasons: First and foremost, in order for anyone to progress in their practice, the practice needs to evolve. If I am constantly going back to teaching newcomers the basics, I am not serving the good people to commit to classes and wish dearly to deepen their practice. We can’t, in any area of life, be constantly going back to the beginning. A recipe for disaster. And secondly, for my sanity. I just can’t handle turning up riding on a magic carpet of hope and (thankfully only very occasionally), finding no one there. So, discipline and commitment makes for a happy group.

This is not to say that students who have done some Viniyoga with me or elsewhere cannot come. Please, by all means!

Similarly, anyone who has already done yoga with me at any time is warmly welcome to drop in!

But, total newcomers cannot integrate safely or logically into a group class. And that also means no trial classes. If you are interested in learning with me, get in touch, come have a private class, or we can have a quick coffee and a chat and then decide.

I am sure that anyone reading this will fully understand that it comes from the bottom of my heart, and this form of organisation and discipline is a form of the deepest love: The deepest love for the practice of yoga, the deepest respect for the teachings of yoga and the deepest desire for all of us to experience the magic that yoga reveals. Hari OM, Hari OM, Shantih shantih shantih.


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