One-month introduction to meditation

1-month introduction to meditation.

January is the month of resolutions and there is no better resolution you can make – and keep – than fitting meditation practice into your life.

I have seen some meditation guides that seem to propose a “new” activity every day. This, to me, does not compute. Meditation is about choosing your path, sticking to it, and overcoming boredom and frustration. So, I am going to slowly guide you through some meditation practices. Come back every day for something new.

The specific objective is pay attention to your breath then gradually lengthen your exhale. This means that you breathe out for longer than you breathe in. Most people are doing exactly the opposite, through error and habit. So, week one focuses on changing this habit. We will do it with walking meditation, an easy introduction to mindful breathing:

Day 1:

On your way to work, count your steps. No, not the total steps, but the steps that you take with each inhale, and those that you take with each inhale. Without changing anything, just see how many steps you take on each phase of the breath. Check, also, if you’re breathing through your nose or your mouth. For today, just notice. Make a mental note, and check in tomorrow for the next installment.

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