Day 2 – one-month introduction to meditation

One-month introduction to meditation, day 2.

Good morning, how did it go yesterday? It is an interesting exercise to count steps vs breathing, no? What did you notice? Did you just make a mental note, or did you take the time to journal it?

When I first started doing mindful walking, I noticed:

  • The rhythmic nature of both things and,
  • The rhythm of the breath changes with exertion (steps, traffic lights etc), and
  • It can be hard to only breathe through the nose.

The noticing is the big hurdle. I often say that becoming aware is 50% of the battle. As anyone who knows me personally can attest, my favourite expression is “you don’t know that you don’t know until you know it”. So, congratulations for becoming aware.

Day 2:

Today, your task is to build on this technique by co-ordinating your steps and breath. Seek an even breath: if the inhale lasts four steps, let the exhale last the same. If either inhale or exhale changes, adjust the other accordingly. Just that, nothing more. Take note, notice. You’re on your way!

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