Day 3 – one-month introduction to meditation

Good evening. Today’s post comes a little late as I have been working flat-out at the amazing SHA Wellness. Yep, I actually earn my living as a yoga and meditation teacher. Not bad, eh?

Yesterday, I asked you to co-ordinate breath and steps. We will stay with this same technique today, but start lengthening the exhale.

A truism in my line of work is that everyone’s breathing rate is highly personal. However, there are a few studies that show that a breathing rate of 6 breaths per minute (10 seconds per breath) is ideal for calming the central nervous system. I am a little tired now, so won’t go searching for the links to back this up. Tomorrow, promise. For this time being, do this:

Day 3:

Try to find your natural breathing rhythm, bearing in mind that the exhale should be as long, if not longer, than the inhale. You can start with INHALE=4 EXHALE=6. I personally use INHALE=3 EXHALE=9, to give you an idea. So, get to it. It’s the weekend. Go out and walk, watch your breath, and find out your personal rhythm. Good luck!

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