Club Qi is the name of my current online offering. We are doing classes via Facebook Live in a private group. So far, my students are all people who know me personally. But, that shouldn’t put you off! If you want to “try before you buy”, I encourage you to pop on over to my YouTube channel and check out the “Yoga for Small Spaces” playlist. The timetable below is the current (02/2021) schedule for the live classes. All the classes are saved on the group and you can dip in whenever you want. Right now, I am mainly working on hip openers. The Tuesday/Thursday AM classes are gentle, the Monday AM and Tuesday/Thursday PM classes are a little deeper. Still, I always keep things very logical and systematic, so even people with little “flexibility” will enjoy the routines and benefit from them. Come on over and have a try!

Alteayoga timetable