Cellulite – a few tips

OK dear friends, I have been refining my lifestyle tips for the combat of the dreaded peau d’orange.  Here is what is working for me:
1.  The ZenChi machine, now known as the ReViber  Bodywave.  This little baby is a gem for microcirculation, joint mobilisation and general détante.  I use mine everyday.
2.  Maté.  Yerba maté is a hot drink typically taken in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.  The bitter brew comes from a plant related to the holly bush.  I sweeten mine with stevia.  So, the maté helps fat metabolism and the stevia balances blood glucose levels.  What more can you ask for?  Maintaining ideal weight is an absolute prerequisite for shapely legs.  I could post you some leg photos of my argentinian friends who drink maté.  Stunning.
3.  Magnesium.  I know, I do go on about magnesium.  But really, it is the best thing you can do for yourself.  I use a brand widely available in Spanish health shops, “Ana Maria LaJusticia”.  It is magnesium chloride salts, to be dissolved in water.  Use sparingly at first  magnesium is strongly detoxing and can provoke healing crises.  Use transdermally (put it on your skin), orally (rinse the mouth after brushing with ToothSoap or coconut oil) and finally, swallow.  You will be full of vim and vigour, your skin will shine and your liver and kidneys will love you dearly.
4.  And of course, practice yoga.  Deep breathing pumps lymph.  And a properly designed yoga practice will turn your apâna ’round, making those heavy legs a thing of the past.