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Fascia and slow yoga

On the Alteayoga facebook page, I re-posted a piece from Dr. Mercola’s web site in which fascia is thoughtfully discussed.  I suggest that you pop over and read it, then come back here.  Summing up:  Fascia makes up about 20% of body weight and is like a battery pack for muscles.  It also transports water in Read More

Cool yoga photos – yogafotos chulas

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Look at yourself: Yoga & the mirror

Yoga studios rarely come equipped with mirrors, unless you are doing the undeniably self-conscious Bikram yoga.  Perhaps this is because yoga itself is the mirror.   A few weeks ago, I posted about still feeling dislocated here in Altea.  It takes time to settle in.  But, more than that, by writing my thoughts down and Read More

Bici Altea

We have a bike sharing scheme in town. Read More

Homemade coffee substitute

This looks yummy. Carob is abundant ’round here, and chicory grows in a flash. Get brewing. Read More

FAIL: juice of the day – FALLO: zumo del día

I know I don’t like chirimoya, so why on Earth I decided to add it to my juice is beyond me.  S’pose I thought it might be just a texture thing… Juice of the Day / Zumo del día Chard, raddicchio / acelga, radicchio 1/2 mango, very ripe / muy maduro Ginger root / gengibre Read More

Juice of the day – zumo del día

Spinach/espinacas Radicchio (mix/mixta) Apple/manzana Pineapple/piña Pomegranate/granada Ginger/gengibre. yumyum! 8/10 BTW: Clases at Prana, mondays, 14:00-15:00 Read More

The Art of Massage

The Art of Massage The art of a healing massage is finding the precise point between pleasure and pain, then working there as continuously as possible throughout the session. Too light pressure can be comforting, but for most it feels like a waste of time (and money). Too much pressure will only cause the musculature Read More

Spiritual Dance Festival: Alma y Arena

This looks interesting: Read More


In Yoga sutra 1.20, Patanjali describes the characteristics of the yogi. The main requirement is faith. Faith in the path, faith in Ishvara. Sometimes, oftentimes, we walk the path without knowing whence it leads. Faith is what keeps us on the path regardless. Read More

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