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In Yoga sutra 1.20, Patanjali describes the characteristics of the yogi. The main requirement is faith. Faith in the path, faith in Ishvara. Sometimes, oftentimes, we walk the path without knowing whence it leads. Faith is what keeps us on the path regardless.


In hatha yoga, inverted postures are recommended during the hot months of the year. In the subtle anatomy of yoga, when we raise the pelvis above the forehead, the moon is above the sun. Moon’s cooling nectar drips down to cool the sun’s heat. Shitali pranayama is a cooling addition to a summertime practice. AUM

Prana Centro de Yoga summer schedule

Hello! Classes run as normal until the week ending on 15.07.2012. After that, the center will be closed until 15.09.2012.


Masterpeace looks like an interesting project. There is a nice mini-documentary called “Music above Fighting”, which has just been published.  Maybe you would like to get involved?  I would like to offer concerts for peace, consisting of kirtan and gentle music.  Anyone interested?  Drop me a comment.  AUM

Open Day at Prana, Benidorm

Please have a look at the schedule of yoga classes we will be offering, free of charge, on Saturday 19 May, 2012, at Prana Centro de Yoga in Benidorm.

Beginnner's yoga class – Yoga para principiantes

This Wednesday, we are starting a new beginner’s hathayoga class at Prana in Benidorm. We will meet once per week, from 09:00-09:45. The class is full already, but keep it in mind for mid-May if you feel like dipping a toe in the water… Empezamos una nueva clase de hathayoga a partir de éste miércoles. […]

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

Sorry to abuse my yoga page with thoughts about massage. For me, the two go hand in hand. I have been working lately with magnesium therapy and hot stone massage. I have used Bishofit for the past two years, and stones for the past 8 months. And lately, I have begun using them together. My […]

The human revolution

Strikes are so last century.  The real revolution has nothing to do with banks, contracts or the cost of petrol.  The real revolution is already underway, within each person who takes the time to practice, breathe, study and believe. The Human Revolution is the only exciting or incendiary thing that is happening here and now.  […]