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Sometimes, when a new client comes in for their first massage, there is a bit of nervousness.  Will they judge me?  Will they act strangely?  Massage is a deeply intimate, private act and it leaves little room for fakery.  Suddenly, it occurred to me that it is an act of great trust and faith for Read More


Estoy encantada poder contribuir a esa fantástica noche de gongs con Shanti.  Voy a introducir mantras para el segundo chakra y también llevar la práctica de yoga por la mañana.  Om.  Gracias al Universo. 11-11-11 APERTURA DE PORTAL DIVINO – LA NOCHE DE GONGS CON BENDICIÓN DEL AGUA El día 11-11-11 las nuevas energías de Read More

Benidorm hatha yoga classes: timetable change

Just a quick note to tell you that the timetable of the English-language hatha yoga classes in Benidorm has been slightly modified: they now begin at 10:45AM on Monday and Wednesday. Om! Read More

Hot stone massage in Altea – Masaje piedras calientes en Altea

Sorry to abuse my own blog by talking about massage and not yoga…but I’m so excited to announce that I am finally up to speed with the wonderful, fabulous, relaxing, hot stone massage! My stones are seasoned and warmed, and waiting to be used. They add an amazing dimension to swedish massage, and the full Read More

Yoga: can we stick with it? podemos aguantar?

In my class this morning, I had three beginners and one lady who’s been practising for 6 years. You can imagine that there is a bit of a difference there. The longer we practise yoga, the longer our respiratory cycle becomes, meaning that movements co-ordinated with the breath begin to take longer. If our exhalation Read More

Eco Altea

Hey! Eco Altea was fine, although I was nursing a head cold. I offered two yoga classes on Sunday afternoon, both well-attended. Hola! Eco Altea fue un éxito no obstante el resfriado que me agarró por la nariz! Dirigí dos clases de yoga el domingo por la tarde, ambas bien llenitas. Read More

Zumos/Juices in Altea

Hey good news!  Buenas noticias!  Tenemos un Juice Bar/Zumería en Altea!  los puedes encontrar en Facebook.  Si aún no te has agregado a la super-red Feisbuc, la dirección es  Paseo Mediterràneo 1, local 9 bajo, 03590 Altea, Spain. You can find them on Facebook.  If you’ve still not joined the monster social network, the street Read More

Prana Centro de Yoga

Hola – Hemos registrado hoy un blog nuevo para el centro de yoga Prana, en el centro de Benidorm. En la primera entrada encontrarais el horario y las tarifas para las clases de yoga y pilates en invierno 2011-2012. La dirección es Ciao! Read More

The Seer and the Seen

There is a very interesting article about the various modes of thought about God and man’s separation from God. Read More

Indian Tunings

A wee note, as much for my recall as your pleasure. Om. 1. Chakra: Base Note: Sa (C or Do) Frequency: 32.7Hz, 65.4Hz, 130.8Hz, 261.6Hz, 523.2Hz 2. Genital Note Re (D or Re) 36.7, 73.4, 146.8, 293.6, 587.2 3. Solar plexus Note: Ga (E or Mi) 41.2, 82.4, 164.8, 329.6, 659.2 4. Heart Note Ma Read More

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