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Article in the Independent – The Busy Man's Guide to Broga

In the ever evolving world of occidental yoga, “broga” is making a thrust for the hairier sex with a longing to loosen up.  Yes, those guys who call each other “bro“, probably knocking fists as they do so, are starting to understand why one can’t transition from a youth filled with high-intensity competitive sports like […]

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Love you, boobies

I have been practising Manual Lymphatic Drainage since 2003.  This technique, for those who may not know, is widely applied in breast cancer rehabilitation.  following surgery and radiation, many women develop either/and:  swelling in the affected area (lymphoedema), fibrosis, adhesions and excessive scar tissue formation, muscle atrophy and loss of sensation.  The Complete Decongestion Therapy […]

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El método y la meta

Ayer, tuve el placer de dar una clase en una Jornada de Bienestar y Salud, en Dénia.  Habían unos 20 personas.  Entre ellos, algunos novatos, y algunos que ya practican hatha yoga. Es curioso como los que ya practican yoga piden casi siempre clases y posturas avanzadas.  De un lado, lo puedo entender, este deseo […]

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Me centésimo post…my one hundredth post

On the occasion of my one hundredth post, I shall permit myself a moment of reflection and publish what perhaps is my manifesto.  En la ocasión de mi centésimo post, me permito un momento de reflexión, publicando lo que podría ser mi manifiesto. I bought the domain five years ago.  I was still in […]

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My personal yog: To thine own Self be true

My personal practice has been suffering of late.  Time, but also boredom, has kept me off the mat.  Granted, I have been practising a lot of yoga of daily life, being aware, present, joyful, honest and patient.  Well, most of the time. Then I read this article, about how to be an inspiring yoga teacher, […]