RR Protocol #3: Loving your legs

My grandmother was blessed with many fine qualities, but her legs could not conceivably be included amongst them.  By the time I knew her, trunk-like and swollen are the only words one could charitably use to describe them.  Perhaps my interest in MLD took hold then?

As the years creep on, I find my legs needing more and more care.  I will admit it: for years I hated my thighs.  Yep, just like every other woman (mostly).  I did sport (weightlifting, cycling, walking, yoga).  I ate well.  And yet, the lumpiness that set in at menarche persisted.  I dreaded those beach photos that…well, you know the ones.  And, honestly, my legs aren’t that bad.  But my circulation isn’t great.

So, scratching my head, I set out to concoct a cocktail of herbs to helps my legs.  Here, dear readers, I share with you

RR Protocol Number Three:  Loving Your Legs.

1.  If you notice that your digestion and  your liver are sluggish, set out to find out why.  In some cases, a colonic may be in order.  In other cases, an anti-candida diet.  In other cases, less wine might help.  A great ally in the drainage of the liver is Weleda’s Birch Extract.

2.  Practice yoga, or Stretch Therapy, or Pilates.  But do it so that you really and truly and actually stretch the hamstrings and hips.  The lymphatic drainage of the legs is via the inguinal lymph nodes, located in the crease of the hip, just lateral from the genital area.  Lymph vessels are tiny and all too easily collapsed, so pressure here knocks on in the legs.  Tight hamstrings may contribute to the fibrous adhesions that are characteristic of cellulite.  Stretch, stretch and stretch some more.

3.  Breathe deeply.  The lymphatic system is not equipped with a pump such as the heart in the circulatory system.  Instead, it relies upon small pulsations of the smooth muscle of the lymph vessels, the contraction of muscles and the breath for optimal circulation.  Deep abdominal breathing acts as a kind of vacuum for lymph drainage, especially in the lower body, but really everywhere.  Pressure changes in the thorax create a pressure differential in the inguinal area, helping draw lymph up from the legs.

4.  Lie with your feet up against the wall.  This is evident, really.  Combat gravity, lift your legs!  Also great for relaxing the hips and lower back, as the head of the femur slots into the joint, freeing up the piriformis and ilio-psoas muscles.  Try to do this daily, for at least 10 minutes.  You can prop your lower back with cushions or a folded towel, or just lie on your bed.  Breathe deeply while letting the legs relax fully.  When you finish, resist the urge to jump up.  Give yourself time to re-adjust to reality.

5.  Drink draining herbs.  Disclaimer:  I am not a herbalist, and I don’t know you.  Use this recipe cognizant of your responsibility to your own health.  I use a base of yerba mate, then add stevia leaf, nettle, horsetail, birch leaf and some herbs I bought in Wayanad, Kerala, India.  Everything bar the last ingredient should be found relatively easily.  Just mix it in a re-sealable tin, then get hold of a maté gourd, a bombilla straw and away you go!  Maté is naturally bitter, and is commonly drunk in Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina.  To prepare:  add herbs to the maté gourd, shake a little until the thicker bits rise to the top and the dust settles.  Put the bombilla in at an angle, burrowing it into the herbs.  Pour a little cool water right alongside the bombilla, to moisten the herbs. Once moistened, pour in some hot but not boiling water from a thermos, leaving the top leaves mostly dry.  Drink.  Ahhh.  This concoction will take you sailing through the day and help those lovely legs of your look their best (even if you, like me, are standing for 8-12 hours per day!)

Here are my herbs.  Sorry the photo is a bit rubbish:

mate and herbs

Article in the Independent – The Busy Man's Guide to Broga

In the ever evolving world of occidental yoga, “broga” is making a thrust for the hairier sex with a longing to loosen up.  Yes, those guys who call each other “bro“, probably knocking fists as they do so, are starting to understand why one can’t transition from a youth filled with high-intensity competitive sports like football (both varieties), rugby, hockey etc to a sedentary job behind the screen or the wheel and not find ones legs calling out for respite.  Good, I am glad that they are on the lookout.  Here is the Independent’s tale of Broga in the UK:


Now, before I look at the article, I will address the name. Broga.  BRO-ga.  brOOOO-gah.  Hmmm.  The Urban Dictionary link above definitely casts this term as pejorative.  It sounds like a So-cal version of redneck.  So, I ask myself, who would have coined the term Broga and then had the balls to actually go out and market it?  Apparently, Broga LLC, that’s who.  They are Robert Sidoti and Adam O’Neill.  In an interview with the Boston Globe, Sidoti says:

People see the name ‘Broga’ and they think it’s just a bunch of idiots. But there’s integrity.’

Later, in what might be seen as a slight contradiction to the term “integrity”, we learn:

“What we want to do is start training more guys, basically cloning Rob and having instructors in other cities who can teach it,’’ O’Neill says…He bristles at the term franchise, but that’s essentially the idea they’re exploring. That way a Broga class in Dallas will be the same as a Broga class in Los Angeles.

Um, yeah.  But, anyway, that’s the marketing. I am not going to jump to conclusions, but I don’t know if that many men self-identify as bros, if they’re not.  Ya get my drift?  And cloning your business partner.  Umm, that’s kind of far-fetched, isn’t it? Perhaps the humour doesn’t come across in print.
OK, so back to the article in the Indy.
Let’s start with the instructor.  He isn’t a clone of Rob.  Maybe their technology has yet to catch up.  Instead, he is a fitness guy who “fell into” the “sport” of yoga way back in 2011, after being named a Lululemon ambassador.  Yep.  Go back and read it again.  A more glowing recommendation for a yoga teacher I cannot imagine.
So, you turn up at buff guy’s class and he yanks you into the bridge pose, (“We attempt the assisted wheel…with sweaty-ankle man supporting my shoulders as I rise, and Miller pulling up my hips, I make it.”) which leaves you hurting for two days afterwards (“Two days later, when it aches to type these words”).  Sthira-sukha anyone?  In YS II-46, Patanjali says:


Which, at the risk of offending any “… physically active man who understands very well the benefits of the downward dog but would sooner cultivate his horribly stiff hamstrings than walk into a room full of girls spouting mystical Sanskrit.”, translates to “asana should possess two qualities:  attention and relaxation.”  Yeah,  that’s dandy Patanjali, but what about the SWEAT???
Did these people miss the point that one moves more deeply into yoga poses, not through muscular force but through muscular relaxation?  I guess if you’ve only been practising for two years, you might not have reached a true understanding of this concept that is oh-so-foreign to western mindset. Yoga is an experiential science – follow the formula, observe the results.  If you are unsure of your results, repeat the experiment until you are convinced.  Proceed.
I really don’t want to trash Broga, or any, er, bro, who decides that yoga might help his hamstrings.  And I really do hope that this first brush with yoga will set him on his path.  And yes, yoga begins its work on the gross, physical plane, then gradually expands into the subtler planes of the breath, mind and purusha.  But, I think that eliminating the philosophical parts of yoga steers us off course.  The codes of behaviour, the deep psychology of yoga, it sets us free.  I believe that the world needs more kind people, not more worked-out people. But, to keep my mind untroubled, I choose to trust that the Universe is unfolding as it should, and that all that we encounter in our path is there to teach us.  I trust that yoga will do its work, yoga entrepreneurs notwithstanding.

Let us yog.  The Guru is in you.

Love you, boobies

I have been practising Manual Lymphatic Drainage since 2003.  This technique, for those who may not know, is widely applied in breast cancer rehabilitation.  following surgery and radiation, many women develop either/and:  swelling in the affected area (lymphoedema), fibrosis, adhesions and excessive scar tissue formation, muscle atrophy and loss of sensation.  The Complete Decongestion Therapy (MLD/CDT) can help with all these areas.
In the course of my years of practice, I have become somewhat of an expert in breast health.  It helped that I nursed a lovely baby for 21 months.  This gave me a real, deep appreciation of the miracle that a woman’s breasts truly are.
But, sadly, most of the discourse I have about breasts is tinged with sadness. Mutilation, dissection, removal, anger, fear, pleading.  It all comes out on the massage couch.  I am both proud and humbled by my work.
Lately, I have once again been contemplating the issue of going braless.  I like the work of Kara Maria Ananda.  I wish I could be as perky as her when it comes to hanging low.  But, I admit that I find it hard.  Although I know that :

1.  Bras – especially underwire – impair lymph drainage.
2. Bras don’t prevent breast droop (ask your grandma – did she wear one?  And where are hers hangin’)
3.  Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women (1 in 4..1 in 4…)

I somehow still find it challenging to walk down the street with my ladies a-swinging.  But that is NOT because of me.  It is down the those who observe me doing so, and feel free to comment/whistle/whoop upon it.  Yep, I am a slim blonde living in one of the last European bastions of male chauvinism.  I love ya, Spain, but you guys have got to refine how you show your appreciation of the female form.  Yes?
As usual, I find the observation of my own mental patterns to be the most interesting part.  Why have I sexualised my own breasts, for example?  Why do I judge their shape, form and movement in a negative light?  Why do I even dedicate time to this matter?  Evidently, the dominant culture in which I live has magnified the importance of a simple piece of anatomy, scaling it beyond its natural size. (Kind of like a EEE implant, no?)
Still, the physical sensation of going braless is incomparable.  When you remove that tight band from your chest, you literally breathe better.  When you bound down the stairs and feel your breasts moving with you instead of being restrained within a semicircle of aluminium wire and wondrous stretchy fabric, you feel your breasts come alive.  And yes, you posture improves when you go without your over the shoulder boulder holder.  So many positives..but yet the fear remains.  Will I provoke unwanted reactions?  Will I droop more?  Can I really get away with that top?
All I know is that I am in the process of learning  – or unlearning – many things.  And thus, I carry on experimenting and comparing and trying.  For now, I hang free.
OM.  The Guru is in you.
green green globe

El método y la meta

Ayer, tuve el placer de dar una clase en una Jornada de Bienestar y Salud, en Dénia.  Habían unos 20 personas.  Entre ellos, algunos novatos, y algunos que ya practican hatha yoga.
Es curioso como los que ya practican yoga piden casi siempre clases y posturas avanzadas.  De un lado, lo puedo entender, este deseo de reproducir las posturas tipo espaghettis que nos venden en las revistas de yoga. En un momento dado, yo también tenía muchas ganas de hacer el Escorpión.  Incluso, me caí de cabeza intentando bajarme las piernas desde sirshasana (el escorpión no se toma desde sirshasana…pero como era bastante neofita y sin profe, bueno…)
Pero luego, encontré el Viniyoga y, estudiando con asiduidad, llegué a entender que las posturas no son el fin de la práctica del yoga.  El fin es tranquilizarnos la mente para encontrar la felicidad.
La posturas forman parte de método del yoga.  La paz mental es la meta. Importante no confundir el método por la meta.
En Yoga Sutras Libro II, el sábio Patanjali describe el camino del yoga.  Consiste en ocho partes, ó miembros.  Las primeras cinco – yama, niyama, âsana, pranayâma y pratyahara – son el método.  Es la receta para preparar la mente para la medtación.  El sabio cierre el segundo libro con pratyahara, el retiro de los sentidos.  Parafraseando, Patanjali dice:

Bueno, alumnos, ahora que, a través de nuestros buen comportamientos hacia los demás y hacía nosotros mismos (yama, niyama), a través de la práctica contínua y al largo plazo de las posturas y respiraciones (âsana, pranayama), habeis llegado al momento para sentaros, retirar vuestra atención del entorno (pratyahara) y contemplar.

Patanjali continua en Yoga Sutras Libro III describiendo el camino del yogi. Ahora, abordamos la contemplación meditativa.  Dharana, dhyana, samadhi….concentración, meditación, liberación.  Estos tres son la meta del yoga,  Tambíen forman parte del camino, pero son realmente los frutos de la práctica.  Repito:  importante no confundir le método por la meta.

¿Y, de estos que te demandan las posturas avanzadas? Bueno, en el contexto de una clase general y grupal, no las vamos a abordar.  Y punto.  Iguál en una clase avanzada ó MasterClass se podría trabajar equilibrios avanzados.  Con la preparación y actitud adecuadas son perfectamente asequibles.
Pero,¿como una profe puede satisfacer a la necesidad de esa gente de profundizar en su práctica?  Porque, en su esencia, cuando te piden posturas avanzadas, lo que realmente te estan pidiendo es profundizar en su práctica.  “He llegado a tal punto, me encuentro bien, por donde voy ahora?”  Puede ser impaciencia (ojo!).  Pero, puede ser la sed de él que busque pidiendo limosna.  “Por favor, enseñame el camino que me lleva desde la miseria hacía la paz”, te imploran.
El Viniyoga dispone de muchas herramientas para esa gente. Nosotros los viniyoguis abordamos la respiración con una lucidez y coherencia que no se encuentra en otros lineajes (admito que no conzco de primera mano el método Iyengar.  Lo aprecio como un método muy sano y coherente.  Igual allí también dan a la respiración la importancia que merezca…).  Las técnicas respiratorias son nuestras semillas.  Vamos plantando semillas en las cabezas de estos yoguis sedientos.  De que colores serán sus flores?
Como profes de Viniyoga, sabemos muy bien poner pautas respiratorias a posturas sencillas, dandolas el enfoque mental completo y absorbiente tán característico de una buena práctica de hatha yoga.  Pausas (krama), retenciones (kumbhaka), y ritmos.  Bandhas (cierres musculares), mudras (apretones), dristi (la mirada) y bhavana (enfoques mentales).  Todas estas cosas aportan una dmiensión energética a la práctica, saciando a la más hambriente mente.  Cuando las inquietudes mentales se suavizan, entonces, el alumno está prácticando yoga de verdad.  Hemos relizado la meta, empleando las herramientas del método.
Sencillo, ¿no?
The guru is in you.  Let us yog.

Me centésimo post…my one hundredth post

On the occasion of my one hundredth post, I shall permit myself a moment of reflection and publish what perhaps is my manifesto.  En la ocasión de mi centésimo post, me permito un momento de reflexión, publicando lo que podría ser mi manifiesto.
I bought the domain alteayoga.com five years ago.  I was still in my teacher training and dreaming of wowing the world with my yoga teaching.  I started the blog a year later, with a post for an introductory yoga course.  No one signed up for the course. That was when the harsh reality of yoga teaching first blew me a bitter kiss bonjour. Since 2010, I have been offering yoga classes.  It is now 2013.  I have 8 regular students.  I love them all.  I have had people contact me through my website and by blog, but the commercial side of yoga teaching and an online presence seems to elude me yet.
But you know what?  I don’t mind one bit.  Because, in the intervening years, I have carried on my personal work and grown on so many levels.  I have let go of a lot of stuff, too, so perhaps I have shrunk a little too.  I internalized my belief that every student finds the yoga teacher they are meant to have.  I realized that my teaching yoga is a vocation, not a job.  It is what I am meant to do, and my students are the people who are meant to receive the message of yoga via me.  That’s all.  Simple eh?
I keep blogging because I love writing.  I have always loved writing.  Through all my moves, turmoils and travels, I diarised, rhymed and wrote.  I have years of journals packed lovingly away.  I still use pen and paper.  A more sanitised and coherent version appears here and in my songs.  It’s been three years and I have less than 30 followers.  And you know what?  I don’t mind one bit.  Wordsmithing was my dad’s job.  It’s my passion.   I write this blog because I enjoy writing it, not because I have an audience. 
So, indulging myself some more, I shall now make a list of a few things I believe, and publish it, knowing that the world isn’t interested in the slightest!
1.  Living well is the best revenge.  I haven’t even bothered googling it’s origin.  In these times of savings-grabs and banks going bankrupt and houses sitting empty while families are turfed onto the streets, I realised that living well is, indeed, the best revenge.  When wages go down and hours go up and everyone is on the dole, the thing The Man can never take away is your smile.  No matter what shit they throw your way, shout back “show me the hoops!”  And as long as you are not starving and sun-struck on a lost Saharan dune, vultures casting the only shadow for miles around, as long as all is not lost, LIVE WELL!  There is always something good going on.  Money doesn’t stop you having fun…worry and fear do.  The Spanish may be bad businessmen, but they sure know a lot about what I have just written.  Viva la fiesta, que es la vida!
2Hemp is God’s gift to humanity.  I eat hemp seeds, hemp protein and hemp oil every day.  My daughter eats hemp seeds every day.  Hemp grows fast and high and can be used for so many things.  The use of marijuana is safer than the use of alcohol.  I would rather meet a stoner than a drunk in a dark alleyway.  I think that some of our current anxious depression could be eased by using more weed and less tobacco.
3.  I believe in the family.  I am lucky to be with an Italian, whose attitude to family is totally different to what mine was.  Mine was all about fracture and trying to get away.  Theirs is about love.  It’s simple. My Italian family takes love as the preface to everything else.  Even when you fail, you are loved.  I was definitely raised with the feeling that love had to be earned, and could be taken away without warning.  Although I have strained and struggled to live in the confines of a mono(tonous)gamous relationship, through it, I have found a reserve of love far deeper and stronger than what I had known before.  This font of love gives me strength.   Family ties give us strength.  Let’s not get carried away here:  some families are toxic, and some relatives have to remain at arm’s length.  But when there is sanity and fairness, families give us the roots we need in order to fly.
4.  Always seek the middle way and trust in the path you are on. Don’t be tempted by mountains to scale.  Don’t be frightened by valleys so deep.  Just be patient, go as fast or as slow as seems right at the time.  Don’t be afraid to change gear, reverse, or even choose a different path from the one you’ve trodden all this time.  Approach life with a curious. grinning enthusiasm.  Leave room for uncertainty and error.  You never know what the Universe has in store for you.  That seemingly annoying deviation or delay might just lead you to the Nirvana you’d never have found on your own.  Everything that is in your Path is there to teach you.  So learn.
5.  Take magnesium.  Chloride.  Salts.  Every day.
6.  I only have my own two hands.  I yearn to change the world for the better, but spent years frustrated by my seeming inability to change anything about this mess we are in (or not, depending on your perspective.  I actually believe we are in transition, not heading for disaster.  But I think that I am in the minority…)  Then I realised that what little I am able to do counts. I offer everything up to Ishvara, the universal consciousness. Every massage, every yoga class, every meal.  I only have my own two hands.  May my tiny effort tip the balance of happiness in this world.  Ishvarapranidanah.
7.  Creativity is key to good health.  I play music.  My guy does ceramic.  My kid loves to draw.  I bet you have your special little thing that you like to do – patchwork, card making, crochet, dj’ing, gardening, photography…Whatever it is that floats your boat is what you need to dedicate a bit of time to every week, if not every day.  Creation heals.  So, get your hands and heart engaged- now! – and marvel at what lil’ old you can do!
8. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.  Stop judging and start loving.
9.  The European Union is a peace project.  I moved to Europe from Canada to be part of this grand effort.  I believe in in wholeheartedly.  It has been derailed of late by banking woes and austerity programs, but at its core, it is a project designed to prevent the outbreak of war.  It is unfashionable to voice pride in European culture and values.  Well, I believe in our culture. I would much rather be a woman, raising a daughter, in Europe than practically anywhere else.  The EU may be flawed in its execution, but the core is sound and I am glad to be a part of it.
10.  We are antennae, not ants.  It is easy to get caught up in the mundane rushrushrush of life.  It is easy to think that we are only drones, with no purpose other than pleasure, pain and procreation.  But this is not so.  We humans are upright because we are the planet’s antennae.  Alone, we are specks of cosmic danruff.  United, we broadcast the cosmic wave.  When enough of us sit down to meditate, we shall connect with the Universal Consciousness and nothing will again be as it was.
La traducción español en breve…
1.  Vivir bien es la mejor venganza.  No siquiera conozco el origen del refrán, pero no dudo que sea verdadero.  En estos tiempos de incertidumbre que estan trascurriendo, nuestro único recurso es nuestra sonrisa interior.  El Hombre no to puede quitar eso.  Cuando te mandan mierda, grita fuerte “por cuanto alto salto?” Mientras que no está todo perdido y los buitres no se estan acercando, VIVE BIEN!  Siempre hay algo de bueno.  Falta de dinero no te quita la alegría…el miedo y la preocupación, si.  Los españoles me han enseñado eso – viva la fiesta!
2.  El cañamo es un regalo divino para la humanidad.  Como diariamente semillas, proteina y aceite de cañamo.   Mi hija come semillas de cañamo a diario.  El cañamo crece fuerte y rápido y se usa para un montón de cosas.  Creo que la marijuana es más sana que el alcohol.  Prefiero cruzarme en una calle oscura con un fumador que con un borracho.  Creo que nuestra ansiedad y depresión colectiva podría mejorarse emplando más verde y menos tobacco.
3.  Creo en la familia.  Los vínculos familiares, siempre mientras sean sanos y equitable, nos dan las raices que necesitamos para volar.  Doy gracias a mi familia italiana por enseñarme que el amor antes todo es lo que más vale.  
4.  Busca el camino del medio y confia en tu camino actual.  No tengas miedo de cambiar la dirección, poner marcha atrás y a veces incluso frenar.  Deja espacio para cometer errores.  A veces las equivocaciones nos lleva al Nirvana que ni siquiera esperabamos.  Ten fé, respira honda.
5.  Toma magnesio.  Cloruro de magnesio.  Sales.  Todos los días.
6.  Solo dispongo de mis dos manos.  Aunque mis esfuerzos sean pequeños, los hago con humildad y entrega.  Ofrezco todo a la conciencia universal – Ishvara. Ishvarapranidanah.
7.  La creatividad es clave para la plena salud. Haga lo que hagas – música, dibujo, dj, jardinería, – hazlo sabiendo que tu arte es tu sanación. 
8.  La actitud de gratitud.  Deja de juzgar y comienza a amar. 
9.  La Unión Europea es un proyecto de la paz.  No hay otro proyecto de tal escala con pretensión de prevenir la guerra.  Estoy orgullosa del proyecto europeo y orgullosa de ser parte de el. 
10.  Somos antennae, no hormigas.  No te quedas atrapado en el día a día.  Los seres humanos somos las antennae del planeta Tierra.  Solos, no somos más que caspa cósmica.  Unidos, emitiremos una frequencia cósmica que nos unirá a la Conciencia Universal y, entonces, nada será como lo era antes. 
AUM.  The Guru is in you.

My personal yog: To thine own Self be true

My personal practice has been suffering of late.  Time, but also boredom, has kept me off the mat.  Granted, I have been practising a lot of yoga of daily life, being aware, present, joyful, honest and patient.  Well, most of the time.
Then I read this article, about how to be an inspiring yoga teacher, in which the author says:

When you give yourself permission to abandon the rules, to listen and truly explore and celebrate your body through the shapes and then share what you discover with your students, the movement becomes medicine. My partner and Laughing Lotus co-founder, Jasmine Tarkeshi, always says that to be a good teacher you’ve got to be a soul scientist. You truly must go into a laboratory and investigate your sacred self through your body, every single day.

Heck yeah!  I need to remember that sometimes.
The system I know and teach is called Viniyoga.  The central tenet of this system is “the yoga adapts to the person, not the person to the yoga”.  It is a system that can be considered the peak of Krishnamacharya’s life’s work and investigation.  I believe wholeheartedly in that core message and have iron faith in my teacher, Carmen, and my lineage (Krishnamacharya -> TKV Desikachar -> Claude Maréchal -> Christina S. de Ynestrillas -> Carmen Sánchez Segura).  And yet, and yet…lately something hadn’t been quite right.
I embarked on the second phase of my teacher training, the “Post-Formation” last autumn.  The format was different than the first part (once every two months, a residential weekend away) but the content built solidly on the earlier teachings.  Perhaps a bit too solidly…more sutras?  more posture analysis? etc…Boredom has always been my bugbear, so I knew I need not heed that little voice inside saying “something new…something new…go and find something new…”
What was putting me off?  Boredom, yes.  But more than anything,  a distinct lack of joy was bringing the whole tone down.  I felt the need to knuckle down for the seminars rather than blossom out.  In the meantime, I had enjoyed the wonders of Stretch Therapy and the deep relaxation of Yin Yoga.
I began to doubt…was Viniyoga too limited?  Are the postural compensations too often, too indulgent, not challenging enough?  Why is it that those who practice Viniyoga seem to do so for a very long time without ever developing the stunning and deep flexibility that other lineages develop?  Why do my teachers, who evidently know a lot about yoga and have practised for years not seem to smile, not seem joyful (with the exception of Claude) ?  The questions rolled round my head and I found no answers.
The second, then the third seminars dragged on.  One of the group dropped out.  Doubt, head-scratching, the decision to stay.
Then, I read this article and realised something both simple and profound. Having completed the teacher training, having practised solidly since 1999, I had earned the right to innovate, create, both in my personal practice and in my classes.  Of course, I had always done this, I know that I am creative when it comes to sequencing, bhavanas, important details.  But, still, I limited myself.
I think I will grant myself a little more leeway from now on, find out how Viniyoga adapts to Rachel, not Rachel to Viniyoga. 
I still believe that the training I am pursuing is the highest quality teaching I can receive here and now.  It is I who needs to transform.  OM.  May you find your own path, too.  The Guru is in you.

Let us yog!

I found this lovely quote whilst surfing the yoga blogosphere:

Within me is my true self, and my true self is both good and beautiful, and therefore, I am both good and beautiful.
My life can touch others in a positive way and this gives me the power to change the world. I can change the world.
I have the power to love myself and to love others. I can be a positive force in the universe.


It would make a nice dedication when opening the class. AUM.