Escape from Samsara

The name of a legendary late 90´s techno-trance night in London.  Also, a very worthy endeavour.  Samsara is the name given to the soul’s endless cycles of birth, life and death.  To escape samsara is to attain enlightenment and cease to be reborn, cease suffering.
At this time of great uncertainty in Europe, many of us are overwhelmed by the constant stream of bad news.  I, personally, find myself working harder than ever to earn fewer euros.  Those that I do earn are permanently destined to rent(s), tax(es), insurance(s), gas etc etc.  Yes, we lived in a glorious bubble through the late nineties and early noughties.  It was fun, but it had to end.  The trouble is, our expectations have been inflated and it´s hard to crash down to reality.  As a mother, I like to have enough spare cash to indulge my child in ice cream or shiny baubles.  But, I increasingly find myself saying no, because I actually can’t afford to indulge her.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  I know that when I was a child my parents didn’t buy me ice cream every time I asked!
But, I look at how I am living and see duplication and excess everywhere.  My wants are greater than my needs.  My work is to make my wants equal my needs.  I need to be less greedy and be more easily pleased.  Probably my greatest excess in recent months has been moving house.  Leaving behind a perfectly fine but somewhat small flat, we moved to a rented house in the campo.  The sunrises are glorious and the birdsong a treat.  But I am not in a position to have two residences, two sets of bills etc etc.  It is sad, but also liberating, to freely judge that I, too, must live within my means.  So, adios campo.
I also received the unwelcome news that I, the all-knowing Rachel, have been the victim of a scam.  Look up Greenleaf Global insolvency if you want to know more.  They say that if something appears too good to be true, it probably is.  Well, the scheme was.  Ah, I guess one can’t be called a real 21st century human if one hasn’t been caught out at least once, eh?  It is sad that a supposedly green and ethical investment turns out to be a total sham.  I guess us softies are an easy target.
All this makes me want to retire alone and meditate quietly until my mind is calm.  It is hard to remain clear, calm and sure when samsara is all around.  But, I put one foot in front of the other, for the journey is long.  At least I should endeavour to carry as little baggage as possible, in order to make my footfalls lighter.