I choose LiFe! (Dancing from Within)

The only way to get on in this craaaazy world is to adapt.  When we resist we harden.  Have you ever noticed how many diseases of ageing have to do with hardening?  Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), arthrosis (hardening of the joints), spondylitis (in all its delightful forms), bones spurs, bunions, corns and calluses…to be aged is to be stiff.  Little children are wonderfully malleable.  So are those who eat properly and do yoga.  In the midst of the hard-core, half-baked world, I choose LiFe!
I choose to celebrate life through yoga, friends and movement.  Tomorrow, I am hosting my first ever “Dancing From Within”, an event inspired by the goings-on over the pond and conceived to combine green juice, yoga, mantra and free movement.  I invited eight yoga teachers from the ‘hood.  Only one replied.  I spent the day feeling rejected.  It was interesting to observe my tried and true reflex – have a drink – kicking in and kicking me about.  I observed it, stayed with the feeling of rejection, and it passed.  I considered never talking to them again.  Then I decided that isn’t the best decision I could make.  The best decision I could make is to …not worry about it!  Go ahead with my plans, make the most of it, even if it’s just me, Simone and Sandra.  Who’s making that judgement “just”?  Is it valid?  NO!
A ver que pasa mañana…