Reflections on friendship

A friend posted this on Facebook. I was going to share, and comment, but the space there seemed short, for what I wanted to say.

friendWhere to start?  At first, I thought, yeah! a true friend who is there no matter what, non judging always loving blah blah blah.  And then I thought, who’s that person in my life?  And then I thought – I myself am not a true friend to myself.  I hate it when I am broke.  I castigate myself when I am a bitch.  I flog myself for a messy house, OK, my car is fine, but I over-analyse my past and my oddball family. So, why am I not my own true friend?  Could the answer to my persistent loneliness be befriending myself?

Maybe it’s affirmation time?  (watch out cynics!)

Rachel, you are fine with or without money.

Rachel, you a fine a little thinner or a little thicker.

Rachel, your past is your past, you are here because of everything you’ve chosen, learned, dared and allowed to enter your life. Accept it, cherish it, love it.  Love the family you’ve created here and now, don’t worry about the rest.  So re-post, Rachel, you have a true friend.  Yourself.

I think I just made a New Year’s Resolution, no?