Recipe time: QuInOa sAlAd

Quinoa Salad
I often quinoa-saladadvise people to eat more salad.  I don’t mean iceberg lettuce and tinned corn, though!  Ideally, you should have a big salad every day, at lunchtime.  It can even be your main meal, in the summer time.  Obviously, if you have candida and need to avoid lettuce, or if you have diverticulitis or polyps in the colon, be careful with the raw veg.
Mix together:  Escarole, rucula (rocket), misuni, beetroot greens, lamb’s lettuce, grated carrot, sprouts (I used mung, brown lentil&watercress), cooked quinoa grain, balsamic vinegar, olive oil,black olives, pink rock salt, walnuts and a tiny bit of cubed melon.