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Yoga makes me feel…old. What's up with that?
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The lady who asked the question I blogged about last
The qualities of a yoga practice – Santosha and Ahimsa
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I had a great group come along for class yesterday
On the roots of yoga, and giving thanks
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I read this article today in The Independent:  Americans who practice
Yoga is meant to calm me…so why do I feel so nervous?
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This is a brilliant question that I received this week
Up in the early morning
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Up in the early morning on Saturday, I chanced to
The sun will come out, tomorrow….Yoga before the sea and the big blue sky
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Yesterday morning dawned rainy and grey.  Around these parts, precipitation
Authenticity in teaching yoga: Why it took me so long to teach.
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The first time I ever practised yoga was in January,
Re-post from The Guardian: Yoga for Lazy People
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Here is a cute little article from today's Guardian:  Yoga
Get on your mat! Yoga to ease the symptoms of menopause
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I came across this article about the benefits of yoga
On yoga and loneliness (the scourge of our times)
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In this morning's post, I mentioned one of the benefits
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