Yoga classes in Benidorm

I will be offering four yoga classes per week at Prana Centro de Yoga in Benidorm.  Delighted!  Prana is in the pedestrian area of beautiful old town Benidorm.  A few short steps from the shining blue Mediterranean sea, right next to the Hotel Alameda, at number 32 Calle Alameda.
The hours are:
Monday and Wednesday 10-11 AM: Group yoga class in Spanish
Monday and Wednesday 11:15 AM-12:15PM:  Group yoga class in English.
I look forward to welcoming students who want to establish a regular practice (better rates for monthly and trimestral payment) and also anyone here on holiday who’d like to drop in for a few classes.  Please feel free to get in touch on alteayoga {at} (change the {at} for an @) for more info.

6 Replies to “Yoga classes in Benidorm”

  1. Hi I’m interested in an english language yoga class. Have many years of Iyengar yoga expirience – can you recommend something?

  2. Hello.We are visiting Benidorm this August for a holiday and we would love to do a yoga class. How much are you clasess and how much notice would you like before we arrive? Regards Iain Counsel ( UK)

    1. Dear Iain, it is very likely that Prana shall remain closed throughout August. It is a time of year when many people round here are working round the clock and fail to find time for yoga, sadly. If our plans change, I will be sure to let you know. Cheers!

  3. Hello, we are in Benidorm now. Are the hours listed above still valid? I would like to join your Monday morning class.

    1. Hola Manuel. Lo siento no responder antes. Estamos experimentando vivir sin Internet en casa. Para algunas cosas, está bien desengancharse. Pero, por desgracia, mis comunicaciones se hacen lentas! Como ya sabes, la clase en inglés se suspendió por falta de interés. Y, a partir de ésta semana, cerramos hasta septiembre. AUM.

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