RR Protocol #2: Some hayfever care tips

I am plagued by hay fever.  It is the condition that most resists my efforts at ridding myself of inflammation and toxicity.  Here are some of the home remedies I use to keep it at bay.
1.  Cleanse the nose by performing neti with magnesium chloride salts dissolved in filtered water, once or twice per day.
2.  Afterwards, wash your hands, then soften some pure coconut oil on your ring fingers.  Dip one of the coco-fingers in tumeric powder, then rub the two fingers together to make a yellow paste.  Carefully anoint your inner nose with this paste, massaging the septum and rear wall of the nose.  Careful if any drips out!  Wipe clean immediately or you’ll have a yellow ‘stache!  The coconut oil lubricates the irritated tissue, giving it time to heal and protecting it from further attacks by contact with airborne allergens.  The tumeric is powerfully anti-inflammatory and helps the cascade of allergic reactions to subside.
3.  Avoid allergens:  careful what you eat.  If it makes the roof of your mouth tickle, it’s probably contributing to the allergic process.  Eliminate it until you’re feeling better.  Dairy is often the culprit here, but some people react to stone fruits (peach, apricot) or strawberries.
4.  Avoid allergens:  filter the air in your house and keeps windows and doors closed in the peak pollen hours (whenever it’s hottest and driest outside, basically.)  I invested in a wonderful machine called the Hyla.  It is a cleaning beast – it sucks the dust mites right out of your futon! – and with the vacuuming hose detached, it is a powerful air filter.  It claims to remove all airborne particles larger than 5 microns. I definitely appreciate its work.
5.  For swollen eyes, I again turn to Magnesium chloride.  A few drops on a cotton round, along with a few drops of lavender hydrolats (water) soothes puffy, itchy eyes.  I place one on each eye, then a pair of round sunglasses on top, to keep optimum contact with the eyelid and to retain moisture during the treatment.  Lie quietly with your legs up against a wall and relax for 20 minutes.  Very healing.  I use a fab sandalwood powder face mask, mixed with rose water, for really resistant puffiness.  I also keep cold Optrex eyedrops in the fridge, for emergencies.  Optrex uses soothing and astringent witch hazel extract.
Please note that this protocol is an original piece of work.  It works for me, but it might not be for you.  You alone are responsible for your own wellbeing.  Having said that, may your nose be drip-free and your eyes clear and bright!