Yogadict: arm movements

I am inspired to help out my fellow teachers with a simple English->Spanish yoga dictionary. Here in Altea, many languages are spoken and it helps if you can communicate in more than one. So, here goes with installment 1:

  • Arms in a “T” = brazos en cruz (this is “arms in a cross”)
  • Cross your arms = cruzar los brazos
  • Raise your arms = levantar brazos
  • Arms behind your head = brazos detrĂ¡s de la cabeza
  • Hands on your hips = manos en “jarra” (this is “arms like a jar”)
  • Turn your palms up = palmas arriba
  • Bend your arms = doblar los codos (bend the elbows)

There is plenty more, but that will get you started. Namaste.

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