Manual Lymphatic Drainage

When I’m not studying yoga, or practicing yoga, or writing about yoga (who ever said Geminis flit from one thing to another?), I earn my living as a massage therapist.  I am really and truly grateful to my profession – I am one of the lucky few to do a job I truly love, and which brings more joy to the world.  A little less pain brings a few more smiles and smiles are always contagious!
I work a lot with the Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  MLD is a therapy that is taught and researched mainly in Germany and Austria.  Every two years I renew my license, but other than those 4 training days, I have no contact with other MLD therapists.  The big problem is that there are very few of us.  In Spain, MLD is taught to all physiotherapists, and they will all say that they know the technique.  With all due respect and humility, I beg to differ.  I have seen too many cases of automated compression sleeves, heavy manual pressure, inadequate compression bandaging and simple bad advice to feel confident in the training of most physios in my neck of the woods.  The thing is, MLD is a highly specialised therapy.  Even many people trained correctly can’t master the technique.  It is very subtle, repetitive and quiet.  But, done correctly, MLD works like nothing else for edemas, be they lymphatic or venous in origin.
So, today, I treated a German lady’s legs.  She receives weekly MLD sessions in Germany because of diagnosed medical problems.  Germany is where it’s at with respect to MLD, and the therapists there are highly skilled and highly competent.  And after my treatment, the lady practically jumped off the bed, smiling from ear to ear, hugged me and said that my drainage was very very good!  Can I tell you how proud and happy that made me feel?  YAY!!!!