A few days away

Namasté.  I went this weekend with my yoga group to the Sierra de Mariola, near Alcoy.  A lovely break, it was.  We stayed at a lovely casa rural called “Casa Bons Aires.”    If you should chance to visit the Font Roja region of Alicante, I highly recommend a visit.
The theme of our studies was pranayama, but the unintentional theme was sound.  We chanted the Gayatri mantra in the vedic form as a group.  We sang some bhakti mantras together, with yours truly on guitar.  We laughed our asses off over supper.  The rooster crowed us awake in the morning.  Claudia the donkey brayed.  Water flowed and gushed.  Gases erupted unexpectedly in down dog (adho mukha svanasana).  We practiced bhramhari pranayama.  We had fun…ananda!  Santosha!
There really is nothing like a few days away to recharge your batteries.  “Cambiar el aire” as the Spanish say.  Although I arrived home tired, I feel like I’ve had a month of holidays!
Meanwhile. have a listen to Wade Imre Morrissette sing the Tara Mantra.    I went to High School with this fellow.  I must admit that I would not have imagined him ending up chanting sanskrit mantras!  Wahey Guru!!