I am delighted to have been invited by Shanti to participate in the 11.11.11 Divine Portal Opening.  I will introduce mantras associated with the Water element and the second chakra, as well as lead the morning yoga and bodywork.  Om

On 11-11-11 new energies of Aquarius and the fifth dimension are coming to the Earth – the Divine Portal is opening.
The journey towards 2012 has begun! We are noticing it in two ways, experiencing both to the extreme. When you are following the path of your soul, your way is opening and you grow experiencing dimensions that you haven’t experience before. You feel joy, peace, hope and Divine extasy. On the other hand, we have to remove the old patterns which don’t serve us and our surrounding anymore. This is where we are experiencing “the death” of the old.
The day of 11-11-11 is bringing us a gift. The door, which was still holding back these potent energies, is opening! The waterfall of cosmic energies will be coming down, allow us to experience the cellular transformation, affecting our DNA, physical dimension and our whole being. The bridges to the old consciousness are being burned for ever.
Allow the energies of the Divine Portal to come down to the Earth through your sacred being.

Use this moment to transform your life because this year is very generous with giving us sacred nights! The second sacred night is the 11th of November 2011, when we will have a chance to allow – through water – energies of the Divine Portal to enter into our consciousness.
When we expose water to certain vibrations, the water crystals change their structure accordingly. That’s why we want to activate the water in our bodies in the ritual of drinking water, crystalized in the process of playing the quartz crystal bowls.
Water, exposed to word “LOVE”, formed this crystal (work of Masaru Emoto).
Gongs, quartz singing bowls, and voice of the SOUND OF WHOLENESS team with master healer Shanti, invite you to walk with us on the Path of Sound of Wholeness. The sound of gongs and quartz crystal bowls filled with water, will lead you to new dimensions, where the sense of space and time simply disappear, where you travel your own journey on the rainbow spiral of sacred sound.

Due to limited places please book your place now replying to this email or sending a sms to 638304867 with your name and number of persons that want to participate.
Questions? Call me!  6383 048 67