The key that opens the door.

I never give up.  I am absolutely dogged in my determination to find the clues to living this Life fully and happily.  I became sad, unbearably sad, at about age 15, and have spent the intervening 25 years trying to figure out why and trying to figure out if there exists a permanent, drug-free way out of this sadness.  I think I have found it.  Could it be green juice?  
For me, I think that this is the magic missing ingredient.  But let’s be honest:  this follows on from years of acupuncture, yoga, breathing, chanting, suffering and believing.  This Spring I found magnesium chloride salts and added them into my daily regime.  But something still wasn’t right.  This Autumn I began drinking green juices and finally found the energy I had always been lacking.
I think that once we become able to overcome some of the tricks of the ego-mind, we begin to find peace and serenity.  But all of you will have met at one time or another, a wonderfully serene yogi/meditator/teacher who, when class is over, is just as tormented as the rest of us.  I think that this is simply to do with a lack of energy, a lack of cellular energy.  Mitochondrial aging is the cause of many, many degenerative diseases.  Care for your mitochondria, care for yourself. Mitochondria need magnesium, y punto.    Iron deficiency causes anemia and robs us of energy.  The blood needs iron, y punto.  Give you body magnesium and iron and it can keep up with all those wonderful, caring, plans and initiatives that your restless mind cooks up.  We experience deep frustration when we can’t do the things we want to do because we are tired.  Our mind is sluggish, we become emotional, we find our creativity blocked.  Give your body the nutrients it needs – in a living form – and you will get more out of life, be happier and more creative.  Oh yes, and see if that gives you the pep to add yoga to your life!

Curly kale, chard, raddicchio, pomegranate, apple, ginger juice.