Fresh from the garden – the yoga of food.

My partner coaxes wonderful vegetables from the clay-ey mediterranean soil.  I have just spent the morning making green juice (using Triestino radicchio now, so a little less bitter), then a curly kale stir fry (with home grown chilli pepper, onion and market-bought ginger and garlic) and finally a lovely creamy pumpkin and ginger soup (the pumpkin is also from the garden, harvested in September).  I had bought both my juicer (GreenTech Gold) and my blender (Blendtec) about three years ago, when I tried a high-raw diet for about a year.  I managed to make good use of the blender, but the juicer rather stalled as I didn’t have access to good quality greens.  I did juice wheatgrass for a while, but summer came and the flies filled my planting trays and, you know, rather put me off.
So….now I have the best to both worlds.  High quality equipment and plentiful fresh veg.  The yoga of produce plus kit.  (for those who don’t know, yoga means “to yoke” or “to unite”)  What more could one ask for?  Of course, the niyamas of Astanga Yoga talk about sauca , cleanliness and this food definitely promotes a clean, healthy body.  The yamas talk about ahimsa, or non-violence.  The vegetarian diet is part of this.
Yoga gives me the awareness to feel my body, its balances and imbalances.  This contact, consciousness, inspires me to invest in and care deeply about my health.  I encourage you to do the same.  Make it a priority.  AUM.