Let your yoga sing

Why practise?

It is well and good to analyse the physiological and anatomical reasons for practising hatha yoga.  It is well and good to tell you why you ought to practise and what you ought to do. Yet, there is another way to saying the same thing and it is much simpler.  
Dear reader, happened upon this blog, you should practise yoga just because.  Just because yoga makes your body sing.  Because when you become very very still and very, very quiet, you can hear that miracle of your own song, your very own vibration.  You can connect with a timeless quality that is nonexistent in practically every other sphere of your existence.
 You should start practising yoga right now, even if it’s nothing more than sitting in a straight-backed chair, breathing in and raising your arms to shoulder height, then breathing out to lower them slowly down again.  Even this simple movement, isolated from any other posture, breath or sequence, repeated with enough intention and presence will bring you into a place of peace that you cannot know under different circumstances.  It is as simple as being quiet enough to listen, quiet enough to hear, your own song.  
Why, you may ask, ought I listen to my song?  There is music on the radio, on the TV, on Spotify…there are so many things to listen to, surely it’s not that important.  You err, I will reply.  You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.  You are deaf to the chorus of your bodysoul and if you choose not to even look, then you are cowed and craven, too.  This is not to insult, not to chivvy, but yes, I would like you to wake up.  No matter how hard I try to detach from my longing to awaken each and every one of the beautiful human souls on this planet, no matter how unrealistic and even juvenile this deeply held longing may appear, it is there, it is real.  I want you to wake up and the best tool I can offer you is yoga.
 Why hear your song?  Why listen?  Because then you can hear all the messages from within and without.  You can then hear your body tell you which foods give life and which foods burden you.  You can then hear your soul’s messages about which company to keep, and for how long, and which relationships are toxic and which are good.  You can hear the live-giving messages from Nature, the chant of the wind and the whisper of the trees.  
And why might this be important for breast cancer survivors?  Well, because your song is your life singing.  And your life – so rudely threatened by disease – is pretty darn important to you, I will wager.  Yoga integrates movement, breath and mind/thought to bring about harmony in all three spheres.  I do not say this it should be practised to the exclusion of all other sports or creative activities.  But, it complements so well anything else you do that it should be practised alongside your other activities, and not left until last but given priority and done with constancy.  
Why practise?  Because you can.   Because you are here.  Because you are alive.  Because yoga makes you feel more alive.  Because yoga has been around forever and keeps coming out tops from practically every angle.  I yog just to know that I am alive.  Om. Peace out.

softones mandala
softones mandala