Ananda is a word used in both yogic and buddhist lexicons.  It means pure bliss or joy.  It is often found as a suffix in the spiritual names of those who have attained samadhi and thus live blissfully a human existence (eg:  Yogananda, Sivananda).
I am inviting ananda into my daily life.  I have become aware that at times my yoga practice is a little too, well, serious.  I have a serious side to me and naturally this translates to my practice.  But I also have a very whimsical and playful side.  I don’t feel that this translates into my practice.  I invite it to join in the fun!
I became aware of one fundamentally joyful and mysterious thing today, while holding Natarajasana:  I am alive!  Yes – I am alive and that is both joyful and mysterious.  Alive.  ALIVE!  With focus, I could watch the joy generated by my awareness of my own vitality transform into simple bliss, ananda.
So, dear yogis, let us be happy and joyful and celebrate our lives.  Let’s strive to be more conscious, more aware, more expansive and more creative.  I invite joy into my life…shall you do the same?