World Yoga Day – Día Mundial del Yoga

Hello and hola!  This Sunday 24, February, 2013, is World Yoga DayParticipating yoga studios and teachers pledge the proceeds from 2 hours of teaching to FIAN, the (formerly) FoodFirst Information and Action Network.  This NGO works to eliminate hunger worldwide, proclaiming the right to have sufficient food to eat.
Este domingo, 24 febrero, 2013 es el Día Mundial del Yoga.   Centros y profesores participadores van a destinar las ganancias de dos horas de clases de yoga a FIAN, un ONG que se dedica a aliviar el hambre, revindicando el derecho fundamental de tener de comer.
Dejame un comentario si quieres hacer una clase conmigo para celebrar el día.  Leave a comment if you would like to do a class with me to mark the day.

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